Bicycle Helmet for Outdoor Use 1

Bicycle Helmet for Outdoor Use

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Carbon Bicycle Cycling Skate Helmet, Mountain Bike Helmet


【Advantages】 integrated molding, environmental protection pc shell, eps foam, removable liner, increase ventilation holes, fashion domineering design
【Classic Grille Design】 The product design is derived from the shark leaping from the sea, perfectly combined with the car front face fence and riding culture. The cyclist can experience a cool feeling on the ride, and the stylish color blends with nature.
【Good air diversion】 The large mouth of the helmet at the front end of the helmet greatly increases the amount of air intake during the ride. Through the guide groove inside the helmet, the air enters the air outlet through the head and exits from the top of the head. Cool and breathable, not stuffy.
【Comfortable internal structure】 Removable and comfortable inner lining, the helmet has a layer of removable cotton lining inside, soft touch, breathable and comfortable, and can be disassembled and cleaned to allow the helmet to be worn comfortably and wrapped well.


Additional information


Material: EPS + Impact Resistant Composite +PC

Weight and Size

Weight: 0.3170kg
Head circumference:57-62cm
Head width:17cm
Head length:20cm

Package Contents

1 x Bike helmet